Historic Homes in Youngstown Ohio

Bonesetter Reese Residence No. 264 Broadway Ave. Porter Pollock Estate
Burt Printz Mansion No. 274 Broadway Avenue The Wick Mansion
Ford Nature Center No. 836 Pennsylvania Avenue No. 1510 Fifth Avenue
John R. Squire Residence The Wick Log Cabin No. 51 Woodbine Avenue
Richard Garlick Estate No. 58 Illinois Avenue No. 120 Woodbine Avenue
The Renner Mansion  - Gallery 1 No. 66 Indiana Avenue No. 136 Woodbine Avenue
The Renner Mansion  - Gallery 2 No. 264 Madison Avenue No. 25 Indiana Avenue
No. 156 Broadway Avenue William Moore Residence James A. Campbell Mansion
No. 204 Broadway Avenue J. S. Patterson Residence No. 114 Woodbine Street
No. 206 Broadway Avenue No. 250 Tod Lane No. 402 Tod Lane
No. 212 Broadway Avenue No. 631 West Earle Avenue Frank Purnell Mansion
No. 238 Broadway Avenue Peck-Schaff House George C. Wilson Residence
No. 1510 Fifth Avenue H.G. Hamilton Residence No. 1233 Elm Street
Warren P. Williamson Jr. Residence No. 1010 Bryson Street No. 1012 Bryson Street
No. 130 Madison Avenue No. 212 Broadway No. 56 Baldwin Street
No. 826 Pennsylvania Avenue No. 45 Baldwin Street No. 67 Woodbine Avenue
C.S. Diebel Residence No. 266 Fairgreen Fred Orr residence
Mason Wick Residence - No. 47 Illinois Avenue No. 55 Illinois Avenue No. 124 Illinois Avenue
Kenry Kirtland Wick's Alnwick Mansion Undisclosed - Elm Street