No. 114 West Woodbine Avenue
A.K.A. "This Old House"
A Labor of Love - My Project Blog

    December 14, 2009- Kitchen, Breakfast Kitchen progress
    October 7, 2009 - Kitchen, Breakfast Kitchen progress
   October 7, 2009 - Dining Room Close-in and Woodwork
   September 18, 2009 Progress in the Kitchen
   August 9, 2009 Kitchen close-in
   August 8, 2009 - Kitchen Roof and Porch re-hab
   June 19, 2009 - Kitchen and staircases

   Exterior View
   The attic
   Roofing and structural porch roof
   Back steps - concrete repair
   Basement bathroom
   Basement structural
   Sewer and drains
   The breakfast kitchen
   Final structural leveling
   The Dining Room
   Restoring the Pocket Doors
   Kitchen Demolition
   New heavy-up & breaker panels
   Restoring & repairing front entrance
   The new HVAC system
   Living Rm & Parlor frame wall repair
   The Main Bathroom
   The Main Staircase
   Northeast bedroom
   Northwest bedroom
   Southwest bedroom
   Upstairs hall