Biographical information for Henry K. Wick

Henry K. Wick was born in Youngstown on August 31, 1840. He was one of ten children of Colonel Caleb B. Wick and his wife, Maria Adelia Griffith Wick.

Colonel Caleb B. Wick was born in Washington County, PA on Oct 1, 1795, and died at Youngstown on June 30, 1865. He lived in Mahoning County nearly all his life. Caleb B. Wick's father, Henry Wick, was born in Long Island, NY on March 19, 1771, and married Hannah Baldwin, a daughter of Caleb Baldwin of Morristown, NJ when he was 23 years old.

After working in the mercantile business for several years in Washington County, PA Henry Wick came to Youngstown in 1801 (Ohio was not yet a state) and began a mercantile business. His son, Colonel Caleb B. Wick, was also involved in the mercantile business and had an interest in the developing iron industry in the area.

Colonel Wick was married twice. The two children he had with his first wife died before reaching adulthood. On November 3, 1828 he married Maria Adelia Griffith, from Caledonia, NY and all of their children reached maturity.

Henry K. Wick attended the public schools of Youngstown and laid the foundation of a good education which was later augmented through lessons learned in the school of experience. In 1856 ge ebtered the business world as a clerk in the Mahoning National Bank. In the succeeding fifty years he was interested in many branches of industry and from 1889 to 1907 he gave particular attention to the coal and iron industries in the area. As of 1907, he was president of the H.K. Wick and Company coal dealers. He had offices at No.404-405 Dollar Bank Building.

Mr. Wick married Millicent R. Clarke, a daughter of Daniel T. Hunt, of Rochester, NY. Their family residence was a very handsome structure located on Wick Avenue. Like all other members of the Wick family in Youngstown, Mr. and Mrs. Wick attended services at the Memorial Presbyterian Church. Mr. Wick was a Republican.

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