Articles and Excerpts

  Who was P. Ross Berry?   The Erie [train] Depot
  H.K. Wick Biographical Info   The Railroad Comes to Youngstown
  A Father's Tale   Chauncey Humason Andrews
  YSU Restores Old Bridge   Youngstown's First Telephone
  Letter by author John Cowper Powys -1925   Pioneer Reunion 1874 - Letter from Dr. Kirtland
  Youngstown & Mahoning Co. Hist. - Henry Howe   Beer In The Valley
  An Occurrence at Republic Steel - Howard Fast   Steamboats On The Mahoning River
  The Nathaniel Dabney Story   The Idora Park Carousel
  Automobile History and Ohio   It's War in Youngstown - 1937 Steel Strike
  The Connecticut Western Reserve   County Seat a Stake in Race
  Indians in Mahoning County   In Youngstown, we made steel.....
  The James Hillman Story   The 1902 Fredonia Gasoline Carriage
  [Youngstown's]  Pioneer Days   Advertising puts whole town behind one industry
  The P.& O. Canal   Reuben McMillan Library - The Library Journal, 1911
  Central Square Stories   C.F. Owsley - Ohio Architect Engineer & Builder
  Streetcar History   Industrial Housing - Concrete magazine, 1918
  Youngstown's Million Dollar Playground   Youngstown - Encyclopedia Americana, 1920
  H.K. Wick Res. - OH. Architect Eng. & Bldr, 1915   E. Rufus Thompson - OH. Architect Engineer Article
  Youngstown Y.M.C.A. - Architecture & Building, 1916   Mahoning County Courthouse Pendentives, 1911
  Hello Central, Give Me a Lemon Soda - 1922   Youngstown - National Magazine, 1903
  Book of the Royal Blue - The B&O Station, 1904   Trading At Home - The American City
  Rayen School Construction Scandall - 1921