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A little about me.....

I grew up on the North Side of Youngstown - Graduated from The Rayen School in 1981. I have lived at addresses that include Elm Street, Park Avenue, Halleck Street, The former Rayen Dorm apartments located just below YSU at Elm and Rayen Ave, Illinois Avenue - and many more I can't even remember any more....

Because Youngstown was on it's way down when I left, I didn't look back for many years.   I left Youngstown in February of 1988 to take a job with a small online service named Quantum Computer Services.

That small computer company became America Online about three years later.  I worked for AOL as a Tech Support Rep for a few years, got promoted to the sysops group for a few years and left the company after 17 years of service as a senior programmer analyst.

I remember growing up and walking past the beautiful Northside mansions and wondering what it had been like in their heyday - the people that built them, lived in them and raised their families in them. They must have been both weatlthy and influential individuals.

Wick and Crandall parks were both playgrounds of my youth and, as I got older, a place to jog, play tennis or just hang out and relax with a good book. Some of my best memories and happiest moments stem from these places...

As a high school kid, I helped my mother run a couple of apartment buildings - it was a lot of work, but a lot of fun to help run things and it taught me a lot about life, love for others, and people in general.

In 2016, I retired and came home to Youngstown after living in the Washginton D.C. area for almost 30 years. At this stage in my life, it's GOOD to be back home again. The city has been on its way back up for the last 10 or 15 years and it amazes me how much things have changed in that time. When the mills closed, Youngstown took a really hard blow - but although it may have been knocked down, it was NEVER knocked out.

Become a part of the Renaissance in Youngstown! There are tons of good investment properties available near major "points of interest" that are dirt cheap. Buy one and renovate it - because property values will continue to increase in these target neighborhoods as the city continues to get better.

Check back with this site from time to time and check for new additions to the photo galleries and historical info and articles.

Best regards - and thanks for visiting!

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