Online Books

  The Youngstown Cookbook
     -First Presbyterian church - 1905

  History of Youngstown and the Mahoning Valley
     -Joseph G. Butler - 1921

  20th Century History of Youngstown and Mahoning County, Ohio
  and representative citizens

     -Gen. Thomas W. Sanderson - 1907

  Youngstown, past and present, containing a history of the settlement
  of the Mahoning Valley

     -Wiggins & McKillop - 1875

  A catalogue of Indian portraits in the collection of Joseph G. Butler, Jr.

  Foul Brood
     -Albert R. Kohnke - 1882

  Practical carp culture
     -L. B. Logan

  Mill Creek Park 1904
     -Volney Rogers

  History of the Western Reserve VOL. 1
     -Harriet Taylor Upton, Harry Gardner Cutler - 1910

  Ordinances of Youngstown - May 1896