1884 Sanborn Maps of Youngstown

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2.     Youngstown, Ohio; June, 1884; SPECIALS: Callahan's Livery; Central Hotel; Cincinnati Bottling Works; City Hotel; Griffon Hotel; McKelvey & Co. Store; N. Y. P. & O. R. R. Freight Depot; P. & L. E. R. R. Freight Depot; Turner G. Fence Works

3.     Youngstown, Ohio; June, 1884; SPECIALS: Baptist Church; Diamond Block; Diamond Flour Mills; Excelsior Block; Market House; Methodist Episcopal Church; N. Y. P. & O. R. R. Passenger Depot; Opera House; Wick's Block; Youngstown Carriage & Wagon Co.

4.     Youngstown, Ohio; June, 1884; SPECIALS: Fountain Hotel; Francis D. F. Wagon Shop; Kallenbaugh & Robinson Carriage Works; Morris Hardware Co. Store Houses; Novelty Foundry Co.; Radcliffe Hotel; Todd House; Youngstown Steam Laundry

5.     Youngstown, Ohio; June, 1884; SPECIALS: Dingledy G. H. Planing Mill; Forsythe Scale Co.; Youngstown Lumber Co.; Youngstown Stove Co.

6.     Youngstown, Ohio; June, 1884; SPECIALS: Baldwin H. Flour Mills; Cartwright McCurdy & Co. Rolling Mills; City Brewery; City Flour Mills; Smith J. Sons Brewery; Youngstown Brewery

7.     Youngstown, Ohio; June, 1884; SPECIALS: Arms Bell & Co. Nut & Bolt Wks.; Brown Bonnell & Co. Iron Wks.; Mahoning Iron Works

8.     Youngstown, Ohio; June, 1884; SPECIALS: Anson Wm. Mower & Reaper Co.; Booth Miller & Co. Foundry; Brown Bonnell & Co. Iron Wks.; Cook & Ross Cart Shop; Ellis Planing Mill Co.; Falcon Foundry & Machine Shop; Hamilton Works; Mahoning Iron Works; P. R. R. Freight Depot; Pollock W. B. & Co. Boiler W'ks; Todd Wm. & Co. Foundry &c.; Vinton J. A. Brass Foundry; Youngstown Steel Co.

9.     Youngstown, Ohio; June, 1884; SPECIALS: Arms Bell & Co. Grasshopper Mill; Dingledy G. H. Lumber Yard; Grasshopper Mill; Himrod Furnace Co.; Lane & Woodworth Glass Roofing Co.; Youngstown Malleable Iron Co.

10     Youngstown, Ohio; June, 1884; SPECIALS: Hall Iron Works; Hubbard Flour Mill; Long & Shook Flour Mill; Mahoning Valley Iron Co

11.     Youngstown, Ohio; June, 1884; SPECIALS: Brier Hill Iron & Coal Co.; Eagle Furnace; Grace Furnace; Todd Furnace; Youngstown Rolling Mill Co.; Youngstown Steel Dephosp. Furn.

12.     Youngstown, Ohio; June, 1884; SPECIALS: Girard Flour Mill; Girard Iron Co.; Girard Stove Works; Krehl Houser & Co. Tannery; Moser J. Saw Mill; Prindle M. & Co. Flour Mills; Trumbull Iron Co.

13.     Youngstown, Ohio; June, 1884; SPECIALS: Andrews Bros. & Co. Iron Works; Morse Bridge Works

14.     Youngstown, Ohio; June, 1884; SPECIALS: Brown Bonnell & Co. at Struthers; Brown Bros. Flour Mill; Dickson J. D. Saw & Plan'g Mill; Hope Flour Mills; Lowell Milling Co.'s Roller Mills; Mahoning Hotel; Ohio Iron & Steel Co.; Struthers Rolling Mill; Summers Bros. & Co. Rolling Mill