Now that I finally have my own web server, I have the means to present all different types of media - with the disk space to back it up.

The new server has well over one TERABYTE of disk space, which means that I need....content, content, CONTENT !!   Please consider donating some of your time and artistic talents to contribute the following to the site,  for everyone to share and enjoy....

* Poetry - Preferrably original, pertaining to Youngstown and Mahoning Valley.

* Historic photographs - please try to include as much information as you can with any photos.

* Articles about Youngstown's past, present and future - try to keep a positive outlook, please.

* Video clips about Youngstown, her history, etc.

* Audio clips - MP3 format, please no copyrighted materials without permission of the author/artist.

* Short stories - both fiction and non-fiction, about Youngstown.

*"Out and about Town" photo essays, using your own original content.

The new server has FTP capabilities, and I have configured it with a means for you to send files directly to the site.

Password:  "youngstown"

Thanks for reading this....

Your webmaster.