Recommended Reading

 "The Anatomy of a Constitutional Law Case : Youngstown
   Sheet and Tube Co. v. Sawyer,the Steel Seizure
     -Alan F. Westin
 "Rose Street Revisited"
     -Carmen J. Leone

 "Steeltown U.S.A. : Work and Memory in
     -Sherry Lee Linkon,
      John Russo
 "Shutdown at Youngstown : Public
  Policy for Mass Unemployment"
     -Terry F. Buss,
      F. Steven Redburn
 "Steeples and Stacks : Religion and Steel
   Crisis in Youngstown, Ohio"
     -Thomas Gerhard Fuechtmann
 "Trials in Youngstown, Ohio"
     -Wolfgang Cooper

 "These Hundred Years : A Chronicle of the
   Twentieth Century as Recorded in the Pages
   of the Youngstown Vindicator"
     -Sarah Cart, Robert McFerren, Paul Jagnow

 "Youngstown : Visions of the Valley"
     -Carol Defrank,
      Joe Rudinec,
      Marietta Brzeczek

 "Rose Street : A Family Story
     -Carmen J. Leone, Robert A. Calcagni

"With Great Gusto"
     -Junior League of Youngstown